Atlantic Named Storm Contracts

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Atlantic Named Storm Contracts
Contract Size Notional value of $1.00
Price Quotation Contracts are priced at $0.01 to $0.99 per contract
Trading Fee Schedule Sell orders executed: $0.02 per contract
Settlement Fee Schedule No fee for settlements
Trading Hours Continuous trading during weekdays througout the year.  Weekend and holiday trading may be available when there is a named storm that has the potential to make landfall.
Locations Atlantic Named Storm Locations
Listed Contracts Next Landfall in 2017
Status Weather System Status
Time and Sales Daily Trade Executions
Last Trading Day The Termination of Trading for each ANSL Contract in the series will be (A) upon a QUALIFYING ATLANTIC LANDFALL that corresponds with the ANSL Contract; or (B) November 30 of that calendar year unless there is an active Atlantic basin named storm on November 30, in which case the Last Trading Day will be the earlier of the last Business Day of the calendar year or the first date on which there is no active Atlantic basin named storm.
Position Accountability Level 10,000 contracts
Margin Requirements 100% of the Participant’s at risk amount
Rulebook Atlantic Names Storm Landfall Contract Rules
Instrument Code Each ANSL Contract will be identified as WXASLEDyyee where “yy” shall correspond to the two-digit year and “ee” shall be the ANSL Contract’s sequential order.