Monthly Rainfall Contracts

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Monthly Rainfall Contracts
Contract Size Notional value of $1.00
Price Quotation Contracts are priced at $0.01 to $0.99 per contract
Trading Fee Schedule Orders that execute at the market: No Fee

Other Limit Orders: $0.01 per contract

Settlement Fee Schedule Out of the money settlments: No Fee

In the money settlments: $0.01 per contract

Trading Hours Continuous trading during weekdays througout the year. Weekend and holiday trading are available during the last 5 calendar days leading up to the last trading day of each month.
Locations Monthly Aggregate Rainfall Index Contract Locations
Listed Contracts May 2017-December 2017
Status Weather System Status
Time and Sales Daily Trade Executions
Last Trading Day Trading shall terminate by noon the day after the last day of the contract.  Early termination of trading for each MARI contract will occur any time the exchange publishes a Monthly Aggregate Rain Index value that exceeds the strike level for a given location in a given contract month.
Position Accountability Level 10,000 contracts
Margin Requirements 100% of the Participant’s at-risk amount
Rulebook Monthly Aggregate Rainfall Index Contract Rules
Instrument Code RAIN_<Location>_M  whereas “RAIN” and “M” stand for monthly rainfall, and the specific location is embedded in <Location>.  Month and amount are embedded in the expiry and strike fields respectively.