Tropical Storms and Landfalls 2018

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Tropical Storms and Landfalls 2018

Here you can find information about the 2018 Atlantic Basin tropical storm season, including a list of Qualifying Atlantic Landfalls (QALs).

Please refer to this page for updates related to Atlantic Named Storm Landfall (ANSL) contract settlements, as determined by ocurrence of a Qualifying Atlantic Landfall (QAL). If a Qualifying Atlantic Landfall (QAL) occurs1, details will be provided for any related Atlantic Named Storm Landfall contract currently listed for trading.

2018 Qualifying Atlantic Landfall (QAL) Summary

ANSL Contract Storm Name QAL Date and Time QAL Location (Lat./Lon.)


2018 Atlantic Basin Tropical Storm Season General Summary

Below is a list of all named storms that have occurred during the 2016 Atlantic Basin tropical storm season thus far. For each storm, we have provided information about when the storm was active, whether the storm made landfall and, if the storm made landfall, the date and time it made landfall and the landfall location.

Storm Name Dates Storm Active Landfall? (Yes/No) Landfall Date and Time Landfall Location (Lat./Lon.)
Alberto* May 25 – 28, 2018 Yes* May 28, 2018 5:00 ET 30.3 N, 85.9 W
Beryl July 7 – July 17 No Landfall
Chris July 8 – July 17 No Landfall

* Subrtopical Storm Alberto made landfall on Monday, May 28th 2018, before the formal start of the 2018 Atlantic Tropical Storm Season, and before the start of trading for the ANSL contracts on CX. For this reason, the next storm that forms will be the first to be tradable on CX for the 2018 season).

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Archives of prior years’ storms: 20172016

All landfall information is confirmed with the NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC) or AccuWeather.