Tools for Traders

Tools for Traders

Until now, binary software platforms were designed based on platforms originally meant for trading stocks or futures.

But, as a binary trader, you know that binary options offer different trading opportunities than other markets. When trading binary options, buying is the direct inverse of selling. And anticipating short-term volatility shifts is the key to being profitable in binaries.

CX has approached the most knowledgeable binary option software companies in the world and asked them to develop trading interfaces specially designed for U.S. traders and compliant with U.S. regulations.

For example, no matter what platform you choose to use, your orders come directly to CX and are never touched or seen by anyone until your trade is completed. This ensures that your trades are always presented to the market with complete confidentiality.

Also, no matter what user interface platform you choose to use, you always have access to trade against every other CX participant. And you always see the best bids and best offers available in the CX market. Do you want to place your own bid or offer? No problem, CX requires software vendors to provide this feature. Do you want to exit your trade before the option expires? No problem, CX requires software vendors to provide this feature as well.

Software vendors are also encouraged to include value-added tools in their platforms. Do you want technical indicators, automated execution tools, or market data from other sources? No problem, CX is working with software vendors and traders to build the best possible binary option trading interfaces in the world.

Current software vendors include…


Data and technology company that provides a trading interface to access CX weather trading.


Web-based trading interface that conveniently provides access to CX forex and metals trading.


Expected to become available in 2017.

For more information on providing to Participants user interface software that connects to the CX,

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